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A Brief Family History
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How did we get the name "Senesac"?

According the the notes of Arthur Thomas Senesac, legend has it that centuries ago that one of our "clan" lived on a small farm on the side of Vosges Mountains in the eastern part of France near the Swiss border. His neighbors would see him going to the nearby village to sell his produce. He carried everything in a sack over his back. Since people did not know his name, they started calling him Monsieur Sac. Later, they may have called him Send-a sac, which in time, became Senesac. However, we know that our name was Senezaque. Later, we find Sanasac or Sannasac. Finally, we were told by the son of Joseph Senesac that we spelled the name wrong- it was Senesac, which we find most commonly today. Some of the family kept the name Sannasac, and one even tatooed the name in his left forearm! The records I have go back to Jacques Senezaque and Jeanne Dreuse in Authon, Normandy in the early 1700's. Jacques came to Canada as a soldier in the De Lasfard regiment. Their son, Jacques, was married to Josephite Brouillet May 21, 1764 in Chambly, Quebec.

Eiffel Tower at dusk

List of Surnames:  Archambault, Beaupre, Berzek, Blake, Boudreau, Bourelle, Brault, Broignot, Brouillet, Brown, Burns, Carter, Cook, Corriveau, Coyer, Cry, Cyr, Dandurand, Daudelin, Denaud, Dinse, Dreuse, Duplechain, Dupuis, Duquet, Evans, Favreau, Felten, Gaboriau, Galipeau, Gosselin, Granger, Grise, Guerin, Guyer, Hadderman, Hamel, Heider, Hudson, Jasmin, Labrecque, Lague, Laplante, Larochele, Larochle, Leclerc, Lee, Lorge, Mainzer, Marier, Matuska, McElmaney, Molleur, Morcau, Newhall, Nochool, Pfeilar, Phenix, Rae, Regnier, Risley, Robidoux, Sannasac, Scheffler, Senesaac, Senezaque, Simonson, Smith, Soukye, St.John, Taylor, Therrien, VanEngen, Verhulst, Wenkel......and more to come!


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


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