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If you would like to share information about your family members, just email me and I will see that it is included on this page.  Below are some suggestions as to what facts you might send. 

Date and place of birth
Date and place of death
Marriage date and place
Maiden name
Names of children
Names of parents
Marital status
Name of spouse
Immigration information
U.S. military service record
Places the person lived
Where the person "fits" in our family tree

I'll include sources for the information wherever possible.

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David Victor Senesac

Got a picture and /or history to share?  Contact me!

Click here to submit information, pictures and stories!

Memories and Stories

Sharing stories about ouselves and stories you may have heard about your ancestors are a great way to get to know each other.  I know I would love to hear them, and I'm sure all we Senesacs would enjoy them.  Just remember to respect each others privacy.  If the story is about ancestors long gone, no problem.  But if the story is about another LIVING person, I must also have their permission to publish it. 

If this family member has a web page or e-mail address of their own, I might include the address here.


E Mail

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