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David Senesac and other members of the Senesac family.

My name is David Victor Senesac, and I was born in December, two days after Christimas Day in 1847.  My parents are Cyprien Pierre Senesac and Mary Grise Perrizo.  I grew up with six brothers and sisters in Blue Earth, Minnesota.  While in LuVerne, Minnesota, I met and married the sweetest little Norwegian girl by the name of Anna Simonson.  Together we moved to a little town called Exeland Wisconsin  in Sawyer County and settled in Meteor Township down by the Swan Creek.  They dammed it up and today our farm is under Deer Lake.  We had five children:  Elmer John, Florence Clatilda, Esther, Victor Raymond, and Irene.  They're all gone now.   Irene died when she was just a little thing.  Drowned in an old well.  In my day, I loved to work with animals.  I never went to school for doctorin' but I had a way with them and folks in the area would call me if their animals needed attention.  I'm buried in the Birchwood Catholic Cemetery, in Birchwood, Wisconsin, not real far from our place in Meteor.  I was laid to rest on May 8th, 1945.  Anna joined me May 12, 1957.

My name is Cyprien Pierre Senesac, and I was born in Canada in the spring of 1846.  As a young man, my brother and I joined up to fight in the Civil War, against the wishes of my friends and neighbors.  The war wasn't popular, but we were looking for adventure and we were anxious to be on our own.  I joined first and my brother John soon followed. When I got home to Minnesota, I met a real nice widow lady from Wisconsin, by the name of Mary Grise Perrizo, and on June 27th, 1871 we became husband and wife.  We had 9 children.  She was married to a man by the name of George, and he was killed in an accident at a lumber mill where he worked. She must of loved him very much, because she was always comparing me to him.
I died in 1927, and Mary passed on the first day of January, 1921.

I'm Cyprein Peter Senesac, and my parents are Joseph Senesac and Marguerite Labreque Senesac.  I was born in 1823 in Quebec, Canada.  When I was 18 years old, I married Eleonore Archambault.  And rumor has it we had a son.  What happened to Eleonore and if we truly had a son is a mystery to the writer of this, and I'm not telling.  But it's out there somewhere!
I made my living as a shoe cobbler.  It was a good, honest living, and helped to support my new wife, Julia Giboleau and our children-six of them.  Ah, Julia, she was a real flower.  We eventually moved to Minnesota, where we both are buried after my death in 1900, and Julia's death in 1901.

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